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    Netflow and Cisco


      Hi All


      I will like to know, if my cisco IOS devices dont support the netflow command .how the software is install.the did I need a probe?



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          Cisco routers and switches do support reporting netflow information.  (I think there are some exceptions to this)  There is no software installation requirement for your Cisco device beyond an appropriate IOS version.


          If you are asking how is the Orion/Netflow software software is installed, I would suggest reading through the documentation on that.

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            Here are the commands on a Cisco Router:


            interface ####

            ip flow ingress

            ip flow egress (can duplicate traffic, optional)



            ip flow-export source Loopback0

            ip flow-export version 5

            ip flow-export destination {IP Address} 2055 (default port)

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              The Layer 2 Cisco switches don't support Netflow and others such as the 3750 don't support it either. If you want Netflow from a non-netflow device, you'd need to span off the traffic to a port on a netflow capable switch.


              This site contains a list of the Cisco netflow capable devices.


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                  Clarifications on superfly99's comment:


                  If you use SPAN to mirror the traffic from a non-NetFlow switch to a NetFlow-capable one, you're still not going to get NetFlow export from the second switch because those packets aren't going to be forwarded by the second switch; on Cisco devices at least, NetFlow export is triggered by part of the packet forwarding process. The situation in which you get NetFlow via SPAN is one in which the device attached to the SPAN destination port is specifically designed to produce NetFlow export packets based on a mirror port. nProbe is the most frequent solution mentioned here, but there are others as well.

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                  Thanks guys this info is very helpful