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    Inconsistencies in features within SW Product Suite


      So I just sat through a UX session with SW in which I pointed out a few inconsistencies.  Some of these have been discussed on here before some of them have not.  These are things that frustrate me on a daily basis


      Manage Nodes,   Can search by Nodes & Interfaces....Why not volumes it's an element as well




      If I go to the main events tab I have the ability to show cleared events (this is handy because our NOC clears events after they have been handled).



      However on any custom view where I show any of the Last XX events resources there isn't an option to show cleared so all of my custom pages show 0 events because as I stated the NOC clears them.



      If I am in the SAM settings under manage templates I have a search feature which I can use to find a template however that same search feature is missing from manage components and manage application monitors..


      Finally when I am working on a new template and I go to set a test node there is not a search but rather a drop down that contains my 3000+ nodes to pick from.


      Oh I also talked about the whole SNMP Trap/Syslog limitations but that has been beaten to death here.  SNMP Trap & Syslog Rules Overhaul even though we still don't have response from SW on how it will be corrected.


      It's these little inconsistencies that keep this product from being truly great and make the easiest software I have ever used for event monitoring much harder to use then it needs to be.