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    NPM and IPAM update


      Hi guys..


      We are running NPM 10.3 IPAM 3.0 and there is an update availabl NPM 10.4.1 and IPAM 3.1.

      I'm new with this system. Not sure what steps should I follow to update or if this is very straight forward, just download locally the update and run the wizard..


      how long could take this?


      how can I do a backup prior updating?


      what other information do I need, database account?



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          Hi Techux,

          The upgrade process is quite straight forward.


          The High level tasks are:

          • Download the New Versions of NPM and IPAM from your Solarwinds customer portal
          • Backup NPM database using either Database manager or SQL Management Studio
          • Backup NPM or if Virtual Machine take a snapshot
          • Upgrade NPM
          • Upgrade IPAM

          As a rule NPM should be always ungraded 1st.

          The Installer first extracts the files necessary to compete the upgrade and then launches an instance of the Configuration Wizard which does the upgrade.

          When running the upgrade we recommend logging on as local admin and not a domain account with local admin privileges. Also right clicking the installer and running as administrator.


          The database configuration details will automatically be populated into the configuration wizard but it would be beneficial to know what these are in advance to confirm all is well along the way. Database Server Name, Solarwinds DB Name, Solarwinds DB User Name etc

          Depending on database size, server hardware etc the process could take up to 90 minutes.

          The process is then repeated for IPAM,

          Tony Johnson

          Loop1 Systems


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              Thanks Tony. I appreciate it.

              I would read a little more about and the do it. I'm new with the system and there is someone else with this administration, but I should take care of it.


              I downloaded the NPM trial version and It is 10.4.2, so why the  update in the licensed version says available update 10.4.1  and no 10.4.2? should it perform two updates of the NPM?


              I'll  verify if there is something else instaled in th server. at bottom of the page it show:

              IPAM 3.0, NPM 10.3, NTA 3.10.0, IVIM 1.3.0