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    NTA v3.11 RC is now available!




      I am pleased to announce that the next version of NTA is now available to existing customers that are under active maintenance. You can find the RC in your customer portal under the "Licensing and Maintenance" tab.


      NTA v3.11 Release Highlights:

      • CBQoS Nested Policy Support
        • Orion NTA now supports CBQoS nested policies. You can display class and policy trees for each direction with Orion CBQoS resources in Interface Views, and configure Alerts and Reports for your CBQoS-enabled devices with nested policies.
      • Improved CBQoS Polling Performance
        • Orion NTA performance improved, CBQoS polling can now handle larger amounts of data.
        • Web Page load times for CBQoS greatly reduced
        • SQL DB performance significantly improved
      • Sampled NetFlow Support
        • Orion NTA now fully supports sampled (CISCO) NetFlow data, it automatically takes into account the sample rate set on your devices and displays ingress and egress statistics appropriately.
      • Flow Navigator Improvements
        • Orion NTA improved the way you can access specific endpoints very quickly. In addition to IP Address filtering, you can use the improved Endpoint filter in the Flow Navigator to filter subnets by just typing in an IP address range or using the CIDR notation.


      NTA v3.11 requires NPM 10.4.2. If you need to upgrade NPM you can do so through the customer portal.


      Release Candidates are fully supported.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,



      Jacob Beucler  Product Manager