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    activities with ssh conection issues




      I'm using Cattools 3.9 over Windows 2008 R2.


      Problem is that all activities get stuck in the same point: after SSH fingerprint debug message (see attachment). Telnet is working fine.


      SSH client is working fine because if i use Telnet/SSH to device it opens ssh client (putty), and i cant connect to the device without problem.


      I had cattools 3.6 over windows 2003 and this were working fine. I have tried even exporting devices and activities and doesn't work either.


      Thank you in advance

        • Re: activities with ssh conection issues


          We  had a new service release for Cattools 3.9.1 which resolves the SSH  connectivity issues(getting hang) for the devices which are configured with SSH2 type connection.

          You can download the latest version 3.9.1 from the solarwinds web site and upgrade it over 3.9.Then you can add the devices and run the activities to run your daily job schedules.Hope this helps. Awaits your feedback on this.