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    Troubleshooting email Filter Issue


      I'm having a really strange issue matching some emails and I am not sure where to go in terms of troubleshooting.  What I think I really need is to see how AC is seeing the emails it is pulling out of the inbox we have assigned to it.  Basically we use an RT system to process some of our URL filtering requests that we get.  The way that works is that there is an queue on the RT machine that whenever an email comes into unblock@xxxx.com it gets forwarded to all the email addresses in the group for that queue.  I added the AC email to that list and I can see the emails come into its inbox when I send a request and I can see them get deleted out of it but I never see an alert for it or a see it show up in alerts in the web console.  The more attempts I have tried the looser the matching options I have tried - I even tried just adding a subject line containing the words RT however I still cannot get it to froward the email source as expected.  I have also deleted out all the other email sources, and creating one to send from a different email which alerted without any issues.  Anyone have any ideas?