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    Ticket import


      Hey all


      We are migrating from ServiceDesk to WebHelpDesk and I had a few quick questions about importing tickets.


      1.  I was hoping to be able to distinguish imported tickets from tickets created in WHD.  Using the import template, if I give my legacy tickets a negative identity column, will that cause any problems going forward?

      2.  We have multiple fields that we are hoping to be able to shoehorn into the Notes field.  While the ticket import template only appears to allow one row of data per ticket, the actual database table (whd..tech_note) appears to allow multiple rows per ticket.  Would it cause a problem to manually insert our data in there?  It looks like the PK on this table (tech_note_id) just increments up with each note added.  Am I likely to run into key collisions if I insert the rows outside of the program?