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    BUG:  Alerts with summaries too long make email subject lines tool long to have ${ACNID:XX} block


      When an alert is built, it uses the summary section of the alert for the subject line of the email, and it appends a block of text (  ${ACNID:XX}  ) that includes the special information that Alert Central uses to process response emails properly.  If the summary section is too long, this special block of text gets lost when the subject line is truncated by the email server or the email client.  It is very handy to have support for lengthy summary sections, so that they provide enough detail to the users to be useful.  I would like to see that Alert Central keeps these long summary sections, but truncates them to 50 characters or so for all of the emails, as well as the response buttons within the emails sent.  As it is now, when there is a summary that is too long, all of the nice response buttons become worthless and end up generating unmatched alerts in Alert Central.