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    Starting out with alert central


      Ok I am starting out with alert central and admittedly I am going through docs as I am setting up the tool but I have a lot of questions that I need to have addressed, and if there are any SMEs that can point me to the doc sources of the answers great, if someone can explain it to me in the forum format great. I have the tool set up, VM running, SWAC email is set up and AC is happy with it. I want to source the majority of my notifications from Orion (I am using SAM, NPM, and eventually the netflow traffic analyzer) I assume that this is possible with the products I am using. Right now I am focusing on the Route to group portion of the setup and I needed a little clarification on what some of the fields are.


      Captured Summary: I am not sure what this is

      Captured Object: Details from the alert (?)

      Captured Severity : Warn or Crit etc

      Orion Field: What is this?


      Any help would be great, thank you