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    Orion performance problems??  Try IE 10!!


      I make it a priority to stay up-to-date with all of the latest NPM, SAM, UDT and IPAM versions.  After the last major update of NPM, I found myself lamenting the fact that the "new graphs" which are much more slick and interactive and I like very much, were causing Orion to be very sluggish when loading many of my views.  I have put up with the slow performance for the last several months until earlier this week when I decided to upgrade to IE 10 (I use Windows 7 as my primary OS).  After the upgrade to IE 10, Orion performance has been BETTER THAN IT EVER HAS BEEN!!!  I am very impressed with the improvements, so much so, that I felt compelled to share in case someone else is suffering along with slow loading Orion views.