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    AD Users from Different Domains in same Forest


      I have an issue with having users from different domains from within the same forest.  When I imported the users, I had to do them in two batches.  On the first page of the import process, I put in the domain, along with an admin user account for that domain, and the name of a domain controller in that domain.  But when I went in to add in users from the second AD domain, it would not find the users, so I had to change the domain, put in a an admin user account for the second domain, and put in the name of a domain controller for the second domain.  I then let me add the users.  However, people in the first domain cannot login now.  If I go back to the import users page, and change the domain and domain controller back to the first domain information, users from the first domain can login, but users from the second cannot.  It does not make a difference if the users specify a domain as part of their user name (i.e. domain\username ) or not.  I hope that having users in more than one domain in the same forest is supported.  It would be great if it also supported trusted domains in different forest (which we have but have not tested yet) but I am assuming that if domains in the same forest are an issue, trusted domains are not going to work either.