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    installing LogForwarder on Clustered Windows nodes





      Correct me if i'm wrong. I noticed the "LogForwarder.pdf" did not mention about the instruction of installing LogForwarder  on Clustered Windows nodes x 2 (Active-Passive).


      In my case of concern is, we've only done the same installation / configuration (LogForwarder at client + kiwi syslog server) for our CommVault Simpana backup application servers, these are the stand alone servers. The CV able to generate event messages into the OS event (Or system) log; and allow the LogForwarder to serve their purpose as per configured.


      1. Do I just proceed to install LogForwarder on both physical nodes (and paste the conf file accordingly, done) ? I assumed the CS application (the Active node) would send the event messages to only the active physical node's OS event log whilst the required condition is met.