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    FTP Voyager Not Running Schedules Correctly


      I installed FTP Voyager Scheduler as we have 5 servers that everyday we need to download a log to our local server.  So I created 5 schedule tasks to download this log, and each task is separated by 5 minutes.  Now I have this problem...if for example Server 1 doesn't create this log and its schedule task tries to download this log and doesn't find it, it keeps on trying without running the remaining schedule tasks.  Fro example if it fails on Schedule Task 3, it doesn't run Task 4 and Task 5.  I have to manually cancel Task 3 and then automatically Task 4 is ran and after it Task 5, if Task 4 succeeds.  Any help please, may be I'm missing something?  Please note that I have a 1 schedule task for each server.