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    Interface Resource Box Within A Group Details View?


      I'm trying to customize my group views, with mixed success. 


      I would like to customize one aspect as follows:  Each group view that I want to make corresponds to a different physical location, with various devices (APs, routers, switches, and other misc equipment).  We do not yet have custom properties set up for these groups, so I can not filter some things quite like I would want yet.  (I do have plans to add custom properties)  One thing that I would really like is to have the bandwidth graph (min/max/avg bps in/out) for only one interface from one router displayed on the summary group view page.  This data is something that is extremely valuable to many people in different departments at my work.  I would like it to be displayed on the group summary view because I don't want end users to have to find the device, click to where the interfaces are listed, then click the interface to get to this graph.  However, since the group summary page is a group view and not an interface view, this bandwidth graph is not an option to add to the group summary page.  I played around with it a bit and added some custom HTML to embed the graph I want into the page, but this is just one graph for one group and I need each graph to correspond to the correct group.  I don't believe that I can just change the HTML (nor would I want to manually change anything as we have hundreds of sites) to include a different graph per group, because there is one group view and what changes for one changes for all my groups.  I'm not going to create 300+ custom group views to accomplish my task.  So I am left to ask, is there some way that I can get this bandwidth graph on my group summary view? 


      I have a feeling that the answer is no, but I would totally be ok if that was proved wrong.


      Let me know if I need to give any more details on the subject.  I've attached a file of my "playing around" setup with the HTML to get an idea of what I want.