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    Can I archive local files after being uploaded to remote site?

    ken t

      yaI'm currently exploring using Voyager for a large multi-user deployment where files will be uploaded on an hourly or daily basis to a common ftp location via Scheduler.   The requirement is that the files that were recently transferred should be moved into a post-processing folder for safe keeping in case there is a reason to need to re-process them or retrieve the files that were uploaded.


      Other than doing a generic batch file and moving '*' from the local source to the local archive destination, I do not see a way to accomplish what I need to do.   The batch solution would work, but I am looking for something more elgant, and preferably with file  by file copies so that error checking and logging can be handled better than a generic "copy * c:\newlocation"


      Please let me know if Im missing an obvious feature, or if this is indeed not possible.