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    How do I check for " in a registry value?

    bill prentice

      In a recent security audit we had several findings on the workstations involving services that did not have double quotes around the path. IOW, c:\program files\program\executable instead of "c:\program files\program\executable".


      I have the registry files built and test for all of these but I am having trouble with the package definition. When I crate the Installed Rule and include the double quotes I get an error stating C is an unknown token. If I put the value as defined in the registry file ("\"C:\\program files\\program\\executable\"") I get the same message but for the character \.


      I thought of adding a second value to indicate it had been installed but I need to have this be more than a one time fix - if the program path registry value gets updated with no quotes I need to set it back to quotes.