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    Alerts for the Atlas Map

    Velmurugan P


      Recently we have configured our Network Map with 2 groups, 1 is with HQ sites map & 2nd is Branch Sites Map.

      How we designed our map is,

      1)Our Map will have all our country.

      2)When we click any one the country, it will show us 2 Maps( 1 is that particular country HQ's Map , 2nd is that country Branch sites Map)

      3)So when any of one of the network device in this both sites down , the country in the main map will turn into Red(Normal as per solar winds)


      My requirement is, I want the country in the main map will turn red only when any of the Network devices in my HQ goes down & not my Branch sites.

      Is there any way to tweak the map to show like above?Kindly help me in this.