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    Hardware Health Overview  broken in 10.4.1?


      Hi thwackers


      i upgraded one of my installs from 10.4 to
      10.4.1 the other day and i have just noticed that the Hardware Health Overview
      resource no longer shows the devices from that view...  it instead shows:


      "SolarWinds sample map - this map is not live"


      there are lots of network nodes on this view,
      and it used to work before the upgrade.
      i am not sure if this broke before or after i changed the value of the
      custom property that is being used on the view as a limitation, though cannot
      see what they would affect it, as all nodes on the view have the correct custom
      prop or they would not show up on the other resources


      anyone else seen this?





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          OK, so a bit more testoing, i think 10.4.1 has done something to this, in the area of limitations...  i just did a test where i:


          1. logged into orion as an unrestricted user

          2. removed the limitation on the view in question

          3. previewed it, and the hardware overview appears fine, but for the whole estate rather that the subset i need

          4. logged on as a restricted user, tested that same view, and now the view shows "Data is not available"


          so not sure what it is,m but it looks like the view has changed to ONLY work on unrestructed views now...  as it refers to the entire estate...