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    Web Console Info


      Good Morning,


      I am considering installing the Web Console Server on our Patch Manger Server. I have not been able to find any documentation on the functionality of the web console. I did find a link to a demo site but it didn't provide quite what I thought. So, I wanted to pose a couple questions i\n hopes of gleaning more information.

      1. Is there only one view available in the web console? Or is it configurable?

      2. Can custom reports be created a made available to view?

      3. Are the canned and custom reports that are already in the PM Console available to run from the web console?


      What I would like to accomplish is to allow folks to view custom reports without having to provide them access to the console. All responses and info is welcome and appreciated. Additionally, in there is any in depth documentation available, I would appreciate a link. Thanks to all.