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    Server Model, Serial, and Manufacturer


      I am interested in collecting the Manufacturer, Model, and Serial number information for servers in our environment. We mostly have Dell, IBM and a few HPs. I can typically get at this data via WMI via the following classes:


      Manufacturer & Model - Win32_BIOS

      Service Tag/Serial Number:  WIN32_ComputerSystem (IBM) or WIN32_BIOS (HP & Dell)

      What I'd like to do is store these values in the nodes table in a custom property so that I can use them in reports. I've read some posts on here about folks using UnDP but I do not believe I am able to include these in reports. This also requires that the management software be installed. One of the reports I'm trying to generate is to tell me what systems I need to install the management software on. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated.