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    SQL Server 2012 installation for use with NPM and SAM

    alphonso delard



      Newbie to both this site and the product.


      I'm a DBA tasked with installing the SQL Server instance that will be used for our Solar Winds installation. I believe we have purchased both the NPM and SAM modules.


      I understand SQL Server 2012 is supported for both of these products, which is a good start.


      As we have two servers available, on separate sites, and with separate storage,  I'd like to install the Solar Winds databases within an "AlwaysOn High Availability Group", as this will provide resiliency to our monitoring system at the database layer.


      Is anybody else using SQL Server 2012 HA for NPM or SAM?


      Is it supported? It doesn't say in the Admin Guide as to whether it's supported or not.