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    Alerts in NPM


      how do I get an alert from a single node in the NPM?


      I get alerts of us who have, like someone who gets up email alerts, but a single node.

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          If I am understanding the question right, specify the node in the Alert Trigger.

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              I get email alerts when a node goes down, we all fall down if I get an email each node. I would like someone else to get up an alert by email when a specific node this node falls




              I get

              node 1

              node 2

              node 3



              the other person would receive only the node 2



              is possible to do this configuration?



              thanks for listening.

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                  A couple of thoughts on this:

                  1.     Create a custom property for node 2.  Copy your rule that you are notified on.  Add a filter that excludes everything but the property you have created for Node 2

                  2.     Or if their is something specific to NODE 2 that makes it different that NODE 1 and NODE 3, like a naming standard, machine type, etc use that as a additional filter