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    Linux / Clearswift server SNMP Monitoring




      Would appreciate some input from anyone who has had success in setting up SNMP monitoring for Linux servers. We are currently deploying some Red Hat Enterprise boxes & although the SNMP service is installed & setup (we believe) correctly, we seem to be having issues getting Solarwinds to connect to the server using the 'Add Node's' web console interface...


      I'm sure that there is more info (of a tech nature) I can provide, please let me know.


      We also have a custom build Linux box running Clearswift & again, SNMP is installed/running, just doesn't seem to want to connect ...


      Product NameNetwork Performance Monitor
      Product NameApplication Performance Monitor
      Module NameOrion Core
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          I'd posted a support ticket as well, am going to paste their feedback here so it might help others ? Obviously, details are current at time of posting the info.


          Net-SNMP is compatible with SolarWinds Orion. You need to install and configure net- SNMP on the Linux systems to get performance information and you will likely have to configure IPTables on the Linux system to allow Orion to talk to it.

          Also, please confirm if the Net-SNMP is at least Use "snmpd -v" to check version of net-snmp installed. If it isn't, you might want to contact the vendor, and request them to update the SNMP-agent.

          Port 161 will need to be open as one of the default application ports for SNMP traffic.

          You may also try to run an SNMPWalk to the Red Hat enterprise to test if the NET-SNMP responds.

          Best way to test this is to run a packet capture on the NPM. Filter it by IP address of the Red hat server and then test the credential. In this way, you will see exactly what’s going on with the device.

          For all other information about NET-SNMP configuration, please refer to - www.net-snmp.org and http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/docs/FAQ.html

          At present, I've got one of my tech team working through the above... watch this space...