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    UDT Unused Ports report not giving accurate information


      Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.


      My network that I inherited has a major problem with "dead cabling".  Tracking switch port usage over time, is the #1 reason that we will be purchasing this software.  After running the unused port report, I found that I can free up 5 - 48 port switches and 4 - 24 port switches.  Total savings ~ 30k-45k dollars that would have been spent on future expansion.


      After a week of monitoring (I know, I should have waited longer), I found that one room that had a 48 port and a 24 port only used 17 ports total.  This room was a computer lab 3 years ago but the cabling was never pulled back to the patch panel.  The ports were cut off and the cat5e was coiled in the ceiling.  These switches also provided connections to several currently occupied offices.  The 48 port switch showed in the report to only be using 2 ports.  I transfered those two ports up to the 24 port switch and removed the 48 port switch.  The next day I got the call about several problems with the network in that area.  I traced the inactive wall ports and connected 2 more.  I assumed that I just made a mistake somehow.


      Today, I went to a different closet and prepared to reclaim a 48 and 24 port switch.  Armed with a fresh copy of the unused port report, I started disconnecting the "Never" ports.  On the third switch, I noticed activity lights on Ports 45 and 48.  Both of which were "Never".  Tracing these back to the patch panel, I recognized that these were drops that we just put into a classroom last fall.  Students have been using these computers all week according to the instructor.


      Basically it boils dow to this:


      UDT->Device Tracker Summary-> shows ports 45 & 48 to be active, while the Orion Report Writer - UDT Unused Ports shows them to have never been used in the last 9 days.


      I have run this report without any changes to the sql statement and have gotten the same data as when I have filtered it for a single switch.



      Nodes.Caption AS Caption, UDT_UnUsedPorts.Name AS Name, UDT_UnUsedPorts.DaysUnused AS DaysUnused


      Nodes INNER JOIN UDT_UnUsedPorts ON (Nodes.NodeID = UDT_UnUsedPorts.NodeID)



        (UDT_UnUsedPorts.DaysUnused = 'Never') AND

        (UDT_UnUsedPorts.IP_Address = '')




      Under Node Details for 0.13 on UDT it shows the following:




      Any Ideas?