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    Juniper Router COS / queues


      Hello!  First off, want to say that this NTA has been an incredible purshase for anyone on the fence.


      But...is there any way to get the same type of real time display for the QoS on the Jennies?  I know I can deep dive into the interface (in our case, the T3 or higher) and see the premium EF traffic vs basic, but is there a way to get the functioinality right on the main NTA receiver page as the Cisco's are so lovingly displayed?  We love to see the drops on the ciscos and when they occur, we know the tool works, but for the Junipers, where we have 250 of them out there, we miss that functionality.


      Maybe if you can somehow get the RED or tail dropped packet counter from premium queueing it would work, but I'm not that smart to do it.

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          Hello, we are really pleased that you like our product :-)


          As for Juniper QoS support, we would appreciate if you could send us a SNMP walk (a simple snmpwalk tool is included in your Orion installation folder) from some of your devices, so we can investigate our options.

          You can also create a poll here on Thwack, so others can show their interest too.