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    How can I monitor or tell if a reboot didn't happen during a specific 1 hour block?


      I am looking for a way to monitor a specific server to see if it did in fact reboot during a specific 1 hour period of time.


      Basically, we have a server that is scheduled to reboot every night between 9pm and 10 pm, we want an alert sent out if this does NOT happen before 10pm.



      I have expeimented using "Node Status is equal to Up" in conjunction with a 'Trigger Action" that limits the "Time of Day" between 9pm and 10pm.


      This is what support suggested when I talked with them, but we have found that it does not work all of the time or some times it in fact sends out a false positive which we know by the fact that I am using the ${LastBoot}.


      I have tried using trigger condition "Last Boot has changed" with little luck as well.  This this in place it seems like it still does not know if rebooting during the time period.


      What would be better is something like "last boot is greater than yesterday" - I am just not sure how to get here.