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    Creating an Adobe Reader Update/Install Package for 11.0.02 with Transformation


      Hi everybody,

      I've got the following different installations in my company:

      • about 2000 Version <11
      • 7278 v11.0.0
      • 400 v11.0.02


      My target is to get everybody updated to v11.0.2 with a customized transformation file (created by the "Customization Wizard XI"). That target is hard to achieve...

      1. Using the "Adobe Reader (AdbeRdr11002_en_US.exe /sAll DISABLE_ARM_SERVICE_INSTALL=1)" 3rd party package I can update my clients, but without MST transformation.
      2. Using a decompressed AdbeRdr11002_en_US.exe (resulting in 6 files) I can use the MST, but all that gets installed is the v11.0.0.
      3. Creating an administrative install point I can integrate the 2 update MSP Files and use the MST, but this install source does complain if the v11.0.0 is already installed and does then nothing.


      Has anybody gotten around such problem? I would rather not have to provide multiple packages for reaching one target...


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