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    Removing Eminentware


      We shut down our Eminentware server but kept our WSUS server active.  Even without Eminentware, every new computer tries to install the EminentWare WMI Providers update.  How do I "remove" this from WSUS?  I have already renamed the package in C:\WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages but it still tries to update (and fails).


      After that, is there also an easy way to cause the already-installed Eminentware WMI programs on each workstation to remove itself/self-destruct?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          This is almost certainly because you published the WMI Providers package to WSUS, and it's still published and approved. Unfortunately, you cannot manage locally published packages from the WSUS console.


          Ideally, removing the approvals and deleting the packages would have occurred prior to decommissioning your EminentWare server.


          At this point you have three options:

          1. You can physically delete the CAB file for the WMI Providers from the ~\WSUSContent folder. This, however, won't prevent the clients from detecting and attempting to download the file, they will log an HTTP 404 error in the WindowsUpdate.log because the file is missing.

          2. You can reinstall your EminentWare server to manage the locally published updates in WSUS.

          3. You can use the open-source tool Local Update Publisher to decline the WMI Provider update package.


          To remove the already-installed instances of the WMI Providers ... because the version is an MSI package, you can call msiexec in a script to perform the uninstallation. You'll need the ProductID for that package, and because it's several versions old now, it's not immediately available to me. I'll check internally and see if I can dig up the ProductID.


          Alternatively, if you choose Option #2 above for managing the update in WSUS, you can also use a Computer Explorer | Installed Software | Uninstall Software task to remove the WMI Providers. Be sure to change the setting in the Managed Enterprise node, Settings tab, to set "Automatically provision ... WMI Providers" to DISABLED, so no additional WMI Providers are deployed as a result of your Uninstall Software task.