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    Are Historical Backups possible


      hi there I use and like cattools. But I would like to have configs stack up so I can browse to last months config, or yesterdays config, or last years config backup. When I uncheck overwrite in the options, it still has only one [most recent] config in the configs folder. I would be happy if the configs folder saved all the backups there, or if I could email them to a mailbox and browse all the config back ups emailed to me. Either way.


      Is this possible? doesn't seem like the overwrite checkbox is working correctly but likely I have done something wrong.



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          CatTools is moving the old/previous config files to a predefined folder(By default you can check under ..\Dated Configs).

          This folder can also be configured in options tab of activities window

          Mailing options also available in the same tab; And you need to configure mail setup under setup menu->General options


          Please post me back if you have any questions