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    Applications and Services Logs in LEM


      Just got LEM installed and working on getting it set up to replace our previous (and entirely horrid) log management software.


      One thing I've been trying to sort out is logs on Windows 2008/Vista/7 systems that show up in the "Applications and Services Logs" section. Apparently LEM is not collecting these events. Is there a connector I'm missing, or are the events in these files not supported yet? If they're not supported, does anyone know of a way to ship those logs somewhere that LEM can get a hold of them?



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          nicole pauls

          Generally there's a connector for each log, sometimes multiple connectors for the same log. Out of the box, you'll get the Security, System, and Application logs (the "Classic" logs) which overlap some with the dedicated service logs. We don't have a generic connector for ALL of the service logs since they are individually named, but if there's anything specific, we either have or can build connectors to target.