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    What I need in an Email Alert Source


      What our field technicians want in an alert email is the following:

      1. The Subject should contain the following:

           a. name of the site

           b. name of affected device

           c. alert summary: initial notification, status, update, resolution, or Scheduled Maintenance

           d. ticket number

      2. The body should contain inf0 about the alert, and a link to the managed services ticket system.  This is normally the existing body.

      3. Not sure what to put in severity.  Maybe 1c should go here?


      To build a meaningful subject line, critical information needs to be collected from the subject and around the body, and combined.

      I think the best way to do this is using find and replace using "dot matches newline" (?s) regex option and grabbing the information needed using regex capture groups.  I would also like to be able to search the entire email, instead of having to pick the subject or body.


      Here's a search and replace that would yield the proper subject line for me:

      Search -->  (?s)(?i).*Subject: \((\d+)\) +(Verizon Initial Notification).*CPE Hostname: vumc-(\w+)-.*

      Replace --> $3-ofmdf-isr-rtr0 $2 - Ticket: $1


      Yields the following subject line --> flcmpblrm-ofmdf-isr-rtr0 Verizon Initial Notification - Ticket: 2013031811301177563


      Here's the example Email we get from Verizon that this search in run on.


      From: donotreply@verizon.com [mailto:donotreply@verizon.com]
      Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 1:29 PM
      To: SEPlantNotice
      Subject: (2013031811301) Verizon Initial Notification


        Address: 1701 DOLORES DR KISSIMMEE FL USA 34746
      CustomerSite ID: vumc-flcmpblrm-1771563e001
      CPE Hostname: vumc-flcmpblrm-177563
      IP Address:
      Alarm Information: Router Down
      Date & Time of Alarm: 03/18/2013 18:15:19
      Circuit ID: BCBJV2HM0001

      Dear Customer,

      This is an automated initial notification from Verizon Managed Network Operations.
      Incident Ticket referenced in the subject line of this notification has been opened and Verizon is working to restore your service as quickly as possible.



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          I just can't find a good use for this feature without more reformatting capability, and duplicate suppression.  I may take another run at Orion Alerts, but requires duplicate effort in both advanced alerts AND Alert Central.  Nesting of groups and possible AD group synchronization is really needed to facilitate manageable email distribution groups.


          I'm looking forward to the next release.  I will be happy to answer questions, but the lack or replies to my postings seems to indicate that you have grown tired of my musings.