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    Fleet 16 round of SolarWinds SciFi Bracket Battle has BEGUN!!!


      Hello again Ambassadors!


      As of 12:00am CDT this morning voting for the Fleet 16 round of the SolarWinds Sci-Fi Bracket Battle has opened!  Sci-Fi Bracket Battle.

      For the Fleet 16 match ups, we are giving each character an iconic trait, prop or tool that they will take into battle with them.  It is up to you to determine who then is best prepared to eliminate, neutralize or otherwise render irrelevant their foe. Voting for this round will close on March 20th @ noon CDT


      We would again and still greatly appreciate you sharing the Bracket with your readers and social media followers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or any other community where it would make sense. Here are some social media links from our channels if you would like to share:






      Thanks for your help and don't forget to vote (each vote earns you 50 points)!