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    How can I set application custom properties with the Orion SDK?


      This might be an easy one, but I am getting an error when attempting to set SAM Application Custom Properties with the SDK.


      Basically, I'm following the example for setting custom properties for nodes, but I'm replacing node-related information in the URI with application information.


      Here is the resulting URI, which I'm guessing is invalid: "swis://my_orion_server/Orion/Orion.APM.Application/ApplicationID=replace_with_application_id/CustomProperties"


      Simplified script:

      $hostname = my_orion_server

      $appID = app_id_of_interest

      $swis = Connect-Swis -Trusted -Hostname $hostname

      $customProps = @{ Comments="Custom comment"; }

      $uri = "swis://$hostname/Orion/Orion.APM.Application/ApplicationID=$appID/CustomProperties"

      Set-SwisObject $swis -Uri $uri -Properties $customProps


      Error message: "Entity Orion.APM.Application is hosted by entity Orion.Nodes."


      Thanks in advance for any help!