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    Best Practice for Updating IPAM History




      I am writing some code to allow reservation and release of IP addresses in the Solarwinds IPAM database.  This is for a project to allow workload build automation.


      I am writing in Python and it is working just fine!


      I thought it would be prudent to also update the IPAM History tables(s) with a record indicating that the "automation engine" had made an update to an IPAM record.


      So far, I have been experimenting by successfully adding record(s) to the IPAM_IPHistory database table.  However, when I examine the IP address via the IPAM GUI i do not see the events that I have recorded.


      I suspect that I should be also adding data to the IPAM_Events table.  Not sure.  I will investigate that further tomorrow.


      It is also possible that the GUI uses some other "secret sauce" to recognise system generated history records and this causes it to ignore the records that the automation engine has created.


      Any suggestions, hints, warnings, tips etc???


      many thanks,