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    FTP-Voyager Syncoption


      FTP-Voyager :

      Using command line.

      Want to upload (to my computer / plant network) files from a Fanuc robot.  The Fanuc robot stores teach pendent files and others files in directories on the robot's internal hard drive.

      Using "get=*.*" will not work just as the help files indicate.  Alternate would be to use syncronization.

      My question is how to use syncoption command.  The text in the help files are confusing as to which syncoption=1  or syncoption=0 writes to the local hard drive and does not write to the remote hard drive.

      It is critical I get it right or I will wipe out the files on a robot and cause massive down time.  Once I figure it out then it's no problem, copy paste in batch file.  (not time to experiment on first time I try it !)


      I will be reading all files from the robot and storing into an empty directory on the computer / network as a backup device.  The only time I will write to the robot(s) is when I need to restore a robot on an individual basis like after a power failure and a dead battery in the robot.  I will be writing a batch file with the task of backing up several hundred robots with several hundred files per robot.


      (1) Is the syncronization method the best way ? ie: ftp-voyager can only do 100 timed tasks,  I need to have the batch file create and move to new directories under a folder for each robot, and capture all the files.


      (2) How does the syncoption command work ie :


      • syncoptions: The syncoptions flag specifies how a Synchronization will take place. To determine what value should be used, refer to the list at the bottom of this page. The value here must be a decimal representation of the sum of all applicable hex values. The simplest ones are syncoptions=0 (synchronize a remote folder to a local folder) and syncoptions=1 (synchronize a local folder to a remote folder)
      • Synchronize a remote directory to a local directory: "C:\Program Files\RhinoSoft\FTP Voyager\FTPVoyager.exe" profile=YourProfileName autosync=1 syncoptions=1 local=C:\dat\ remote=/dat/ autoquit=1
      • Synchronize a local directory to a remote directory: "C:\Program Files\RhinoSoft\FTP Voyager\FTPVoyager.exe" profile=YourProfileName autosync=1 syncoptions=0 local=C:\dat\ remote=/dat/ autoquit=1


      The question is which one of these is right ?




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          jonathan at solarwinds

          Two takes on this one:


          1) According to the current KB (http://www.rhinosoft.com/Knowledgebase/KBArticle.asp?RefNo=1140&prod=fv), you want "syncoptions=0 (synchronize a remote folder to a local folder)."  In FTP Voyager-speak, this means that changes will be made to the remoe folder - the local folder is the master copy. 


          2) Are you sure you want to use the command-line option to do this?  If you:

          • Want to keep the contents of up to a few folders (including all files and subfolders) backed up to a remote server
          • Want the backup to happen automatically about once an hour
          • Have a few hundred things to back up

          ...then what I would do is deploy a Serv-U MFT server at home base, set up an SFTP/SSH listener, and install FTP Voyager on a test robot. 



          Then, I would:

          • Use the manual "Synchronize" feature in FTP Voyager to make sure FTP Voyager can back up what you want (e.g., no issues with locked files, no missing "hidden" files, etc.)
          • Once you have that running, use the FTP Voyager Scheduler to set up a backup task that does a "sync remote" for each top-level folder you want to back-up


          • Run the task a few times to test it (remember to delete all the files on the backup server a few times during the test so you can see a "fresh" backup)
          • Schedule the task (hourly?)
          • Use FTP Voyager's backup/restore instructions to pick up your backup schedule and move it to other machines (remember to change the sign on credentials so each robot's backup is saved to a different folder)
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              What I did was go to a GNU site and try each to see which brought files to my computer.

              I figured the site would not let me destroy it's data.

              The syncoptions=1 worked correctly.  I then tried it on a robot and it works perfect.


              I am building the batch file with a date as a input parameter to the batch file.  It creates a subdirectory on the server

              and starts stuffing the data from a robot into that directory.  Then closes, re-opens to a different robot / site and creates a new directory for that robot with a subdirectory with the data and copies data from it to the new directory,


              Now, if I can just master some of the more complex batch file commands I can make it really cool.

              Some of the examples on the web do not work with XP.




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                The FTP server on the robot is a fanuc product.  I don't want to mess with it.