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    Headless Scheduler Manager


      I'm running FTP Voyager on a Windows Home Server PC which doesn't have a monitor attached to it.  To access the scheduler programming I'm currently going via a RDP session but I was wondering if I could directly access it over the network as I noticed its web based.



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          Actually, Voyager isn't web-based.  There is a web-based version of Voyager that you can use to connect to a Serv-U server, but it sounds like you're using the standalone Voyager client, in which case you'll still have to connect to the machine where it's installed via RDP or some other remote control product (like DameWare Mini Remote Control).



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              I was talking mainly about the scheduler part rather than the system as a whole.  When I first opened it up it gave me a bunch of issues due to the restricted internet settings that IE used, so that's when I realized that the scheduler is a wrapper around IE.

              I did netstat -a -n -o found what port it ran under and I could get to the scheduler in chrome via localhost or but not by the IP of the server.

              So I was wondering if that could be extended to enable external access to it.