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    SNMP polling issue Windows 2008 Standard edition 32bit


      Hello all,


      I am having an issue polling certain Windows servers and was wondering if anyone else has see this issue before.


      The target nodes are Windows 2008 Standard Edition 32bit operating system servers.


      Symptoms are:


      I am attempting to add these nodes via the SW web console. When I enter the IP address and select the SNMP &  ICMP polling option - I enter the correct SNMP community string and test successfully to the node. I then click 'Next' and then wait for SW to list the resources to monitor on the target node but nothing ever appears. When I check the target node, I find the SNMP service is up and running with no issues noted on the server - i.e. event logs, netstat shows port is open/listening, and so forth.


      It's really strange - its like the server just stops responding.


      Any one ever experienced this issue?


      I am currently running the following in my environment:

      SolarWindsOrion Core 2012.1.1, SAM 5.2.0, NPM 10.3.1, IVIM 1.4.0


      Best regards!