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    NTM and Layer 2 maps


      Does NTM have the ability to look at the config of a switch or Router and have the ability to create a layer 2 map from a current layer 3 map?   Can we use the program to build dynamic maps that can change based on physical port connectivity?

      I tried to use Beta5 of the product and i had to uninstall it because it would continue to scan the network even after i cancelled all current scans.

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          1.  At this moment NTM does not look into the config of a switch or Router to create a Layer 2 Map. The discovery is done looking into the ARP, Bridge Tables and using CDP/LLDP.

          2.  If you are referring to On-Demand change detection onto the Maps. That's NOT possible at the moment. You can use the scheduling function in NTM, which can detect any new nodes/devices on the network. (will add this as a feature request)

          3.  Could you download the evaluation version of NTM 1.0 and give it a go ?



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