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    Shared Saved hosts


      Hello, I had asked about this back in September in the old forum, and was just looking to see if I could get an update.  Will Dameware be getting functionality to point the saved hosts files to a network location?  This is something that would be very helpful as we have multiple helpdesk staff and any time we add a user or replace a PC we end up with fragmentation and when someone calls for support inevitably somebody doesn't have the updated hosts and has to first take a few minutes to update that info.  It would be great if it could point to a network share where when one person updates the hosts, everyone has that update.



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          Hello ccoho!


          Have you tried modifying the following registry key:


          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control\Settings\MRC db Path


          Modifying that value allows me to have the saved host list database in a network location. I haven't tested it with multiple users, though.