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    Upgrading to Patch Manager v1.85


      Can anyone help with the procedure for upgrading to Patch Manager v1.85.


      I logged a request with Solarwinds Support through my Custom Portal but the resolution didn't work and they closed my request.

      While logged into the customer portal, I can't find anywhere to download the package? In the obvious part of the screen called SERVICE PACKS & HOT FIXES it says No Downloads.


      Also, is it an in place upgrade ? or do you un-install then re-install ?

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          Andrew M

          What version are you upgrading from? I think that all upgrades are in place (at least all mine have been), but you might need to do a multi-step upgrade if your current version is especially old.


          After logging into the customer portal, you may see the Patch Manager "Choose Download" button on the home screen if you only have a few licenses. If you don't see it, click the Licensing & Maintenance tab, then License Management. On the license management page, you should have a Choose Download button next to your Patch Manager license. Click it and you'll find all of the downloads for patch manager.


          You can use either the upgrade package or the full install package to do your upgrade. The upgrade package is just a bit smaller and saves you some download time. You might also want "Orion integration module, additional web", as this lets you install a cool read-only web interface that bosses like to look at.

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            Lawrence Garvin

            Andrew's instructions are valid, and with my access I'm able to replicate an image of your Customer Portal home page. It currently shows an unregistered instance of your Patch Manager license available for download.CustomerPortalDownloadLink.png


            As for the upgrade installation itself, it definitely depends on what version you are starting from as several significant architectural enhancements have been made to Patch Manager in the past 15 months. Also there are WSUS upgrades that factor into this. In this case, I noted from the ticket notes that you're already on v1.80, so the upgrade will be quite straightforward. Download the installer, close any open consoles, and double-click on the EXE on the Patch Manager server. Then run the installer on any remote-console connections as well.


            Two documents that should provide all of the information you'll need:

            Release Notes for Patch Manager v1.85

            An Annual Checkup for your WSUS and Patch Manager environment (although if you're already on v1.8 then you've probably completed everything discussed in this article. )

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              Yes i'm on V1.8.

              I was looking under the SERVICE PACKS & HOT FIXES thinking the NEWEST LICENSES link was for the original license.

              So, all good now. Thanks for that.