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    Upgrading NPM server to Win 2008?


      We are looking at upgrading our NPM front end server to Wndows 2008 and I just want to know if there are  any caveats I need to be aware of before I give the ok to proceed. Our current setup is:


      Windows server 2003 R2

      NPM SLX v10.4.2

      NCM 500 v7.1.1 (Running on separate server in Integration mode)

      VNQM SLX v4.0.1

      IPAM 16000 v3.1.1

      NTA SLX v3.10.0

      Kiwi Syslog


      SQL Server:

      Windows 2003 R2

      SQL Server 2005


      Will likely upgrade the SQL server as well once NPM server is complete.


      Anything I should look out for? Or reasons not to upgrade? Should I install clean vs upgrade?

      Thanks for your input!