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    Reclaim Space Report


      VMs With More Allocated Space the Used, little widget is a nice tool, after I adjusted it to only show me systems that I can reclaim over 20GB worth of space. I would like to turn this into a scheduled report but I am having no luck even creating a report, could any one help me, I have not created any reports by hand before so this part is new to me.

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          please follow instructions below:


          1) copy your query from the "VMs With More Allocated Space than Used" alert

          2) in Reporting - Data Export module choose Item Type, insert the query and select requested atributes (one by one or choose predefined templates). Then press Run Export button on the bottom left corner


          3) after you insert report name the report starts to execute. When the report is completed you can make a schedule plan ("Configure" button). In Job Configuration window you can set recurrence of the report (Schedule tab) and also sending results via email (Notifications tab; SMTP server must be configured first in Setup - Advanced Setup - SMTP Configuration).


          4) in Explore - Content menu you can see all the created reports


          Note to scheduler: the cron used in VMAN is Quartz Cron, see this link for details.


          Please let us know if it helps or not. Thanks.

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              Problem is this widget doesn’t look like it is running a query, but instead performing some math, and then presetting a list with the Math it came up with. Yes the screen shot you added has a query but the power of the widget is the math


              If you look at the widget “VMs With More Allocated Space then Used” you will see what I would like to get sent in a weekly email.


              if (/virtualMachine/totalStorageSizeUsed - (sum(/virtualMachine/diskVolume/capacity) - sum(/virtualMachine/diskVolume/freeSpace)) <= 0) then 0 else /virtualMachine/totalStorageSizeUsed - (sum(/virtualMachine/diskVolume/capacity) - sum(/virtualMachine/diskVolume/freeSpace))


              And only showing greater then 20GB of reclaimable space.

              Can this be put into a scheduled report?