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    How to Save Credentials (SNMP, WMI, VMWare)


      I've noticed every time that I run a new scan I have to re-enter the credentials again.  I remember that LANSurveyor saved credentials.  I have 3 or 4 SNMP credentials and 1 or 2 WMI/VMWare creds and to have to enter them EACH time you do a scan is a major PITA.





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          Yes, we don't have this particular feature built into NTM 1.0 at the moment. We are looking at this functionality, If we do have it into our next release, would you be happy to join our mock-up calls or a Beta release ?

          As a work around, I would recommend the following which can help.

          1. If you have already discovered the network and mapped it. You can use Edit -> Edit Map Properties to show you the credentials you feed in and correct it if necessary.

          2. If you want to generate maps for a different network with the same credentials.

          Save the first map with a name. Then go to Edit -> Edit Map Properties and you should see your feed credentials. Change Network Selection accordingly and under Discovery Settings give it another Map name.