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    Unable to import domain users


      Hi, I've just installed Alert Central & I'm trying to import Active Directory users & groups. I enter Domain Admin details  on the appropriate screen.

      I list of users is shown on the import screen, from which I select the user I want to add. When I click "Import" an error box pops up with the following message:

      "Unable to import ldap data. userContactInfo.value is required"

      However the user that I am trying to add receives an email from Alert Central asking for email address verification! If attempted, the verify of course fails?

      Any ideas?

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          This will happen whenever there is a field defined for the user in AD, but it is empty.  Unfortunately the error does not indicate which user it failed on, so it may be difficult to track down, but to work around this bug, you will need to make sure there are no contact-type fields such as telephone numbers, pagers, email addresses, etc.with just empty spaces in them.  The next release will have this issue resolved.

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