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    SolarWinds Sci-Fi Bracket Battle


      Hello Ambassadors!


      In case you have heard/seen already, we have recently opened voting for our very first SolarWinds Sci-Fi Bracket Battle. Trying to get something fun and entertaining out there for all of our wonderful geeks who aren't really into basketball ;-)


      After last week’s play-in prequel match-up, everyone's favorite protocol droid C-3P0 fell to the might of the Infinite Improbability Drive.   As of today, voting for Sector l is now underway: Contests & Missions. Sector l features 16 huge match-ups, like Kirk vs. Picard and Spock vs. Neo, with winners being decided by popular vote. Voting for this round will close on March 15th @ noon CDT


      I thought your readers and social media followers would have fun with this, and would greatly appreciate you sharing with them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or any other community where it would make sense. Here are some social media links from our channels if you would like to share:






      Thanks for your help and don't forget to vote (each vote earns you 50 points)!