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    Alerts - Acknowledgement & Suppression


      I'm trying to understand exactly what affect "Acknowledging” an alert has on email alerts, if any. I’m trying to suppress emails when for example a hardware component has failed & a replacement is on order.

      Further email alerts are pointless in this circumstance and just add to Solarwinds email noise, which I am trying to minimise  . I understand that Acknowledging the alert will remove it from the “Active Alerts” list, but it seems to simply pop up again the next time the component is checked by Solarwinds along with yet another unwanted email?


      I’m converting from Nagios where I could suppress alerts for a component by acknowledging the problem.

      In Nagios, alerting would stop and be automatically be re-enabled when the component was fixed.


      Is there any way to do the same in Solarwinds, i.e. suppress alerts for an acknowledged problem until the component is fixed?