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    Multiple On-Call Calendars


      If I have more than one On-Call calendar for a group, and I have different people on call in the different On-Call calendars, which person will be marked as being on-call on the "On Call Now" tab, and which person will receive the email alerts?  I could try to identify all of the logic through trial-and-error but I am hoping that someone already has the answer.

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          nicole pauls

          All of them will appear in On Call Now - that is, ANYONE in any on call calendar right now.


          However, the person that receives the alerts is determined by the escalation policy for that group. You could have a calendar that's not in the escalation policy but has people in it, might be handy for just having a backup schedule or if you were doing some manual processing. If you want someone (on call or otherwise) to receive an alert, you either have to manually assign it or they have to be in the escalation policy.


          To see the escalation policy for the group, go to Groups -> Edit and scroll down a bit past the members.