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    Test Environment??


      What is everyone using as a Test Environment currently?

      We were told by Customer service to use an eval license in a separate instance, but that only affords us one user and no real way to test all of the functionality.

      We are trying to get Customer Service to split off 5 of our existing licenses so that we can have a proper test environment, but they are saying that's not standard practice. We can't be the only people trying to build a test environment so I'm looking for creative ideas how to go about implementing.


      Many thanks!




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          I think 1 tech free license would be sufficient to run any test environment, except of course if you trying to run real-time load-driven performance tests. Other than that should be fine.

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            We have the same issue.  We currently have to rebuild a test environment with eval licenses each time we want to add a feature (such as testing NCM, which we are about to do).  I think that customers with unlimited licensing should be granted a second, limited license (such as 10 nodes), for testing purposes.


            For us this is not just a lab... our Change Mgmt process requires full documentation and technical review of any proposed change.

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              I am looking for information to this as well. At this point after talking with their support it seems like I need to purchase a license with a few users. I am going with 3 for our test environment, they did discount the licenses some.


              It would be nice if they included a couple of user license for a test/dev instance. Mainly to test upgrades and workflow changes before going to the public server.