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    Incoming Email with No Parsing Rule


      What happens to Email that comes into the Alert Central mailbox, but does not have a parsing rule?



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          Dave Alger

          It will still show up in the list of Alerts but will not be associated to an Alert Source.

          When you go to the Alert Details page for these type of alerts you will see the original email message and are given 3 options for what to do with it:

          1. modify an existing Alert Source so that future email like this one will be matched
          2. create a new Alert Source to match this sort of email in the future
          3. trash the email


          In the case of option 1 or 2 the fields on the Alert Source creation Test tab are automatically filled in with this email so you can easily test the rules you modify/create.


          Once you fix your Alert Source(s) to handle the unmatched email then future alerts like that one should be properly handled.  (note: there is currently no way to try and match historical alerts to your new alert source rules so if you need the unmatched email to be looked into you will need to manually assign it to someone.


          Hope this helps