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    Parsing Emails -- Why can't we all just learn Regex?


      I'm working on setting up my first Email parser, and I've hit parsing limitations. 


      Our WAN is managed by Verizon, and we get Emails when a new ticket is opened, status update emails, and resolution emails.  That's what I'm trying to parse.

      It great that you allow us to use Regex to match the start of the "Capture Summary".  But the stop options are WAY to limiting.  It would be SO much more powerful if you allowed using Regex with backreferences.


      So here's a line from a typical email that I'm trying to parse the Capture Object".  CPE Hostname: vumc-wedsanberz-2148505
      The only piece I want to keep is wedsanberz.  So I would use the Regex of:  CPE Hostname: vumc-(\w+)-

      Now the "Object" Regex could be specified as:   $1


      For this Capture Object to equal an Orion Node, I need to modify the Capture Object.  This is easy with Regex:

      $1-OFMDF-ISR-RTR0      (which would expand to "wedsanberz-OFMDF-ISR-RTR0")


      If you think users would be scared of regex, point them to Just Great Software's RegExMagic.  $40 will solve all their problems.


      The bottom line is that I need a more powerful way of formatting the information captured in Alert Central.